An analysis of the sexual freedom in the novel the bell jar by sylvia plath

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An analysis of the sexual freedom in the novel the bell jar by sylvia plath

She and eleven other college students, also contest winners, are set up in the Amazon Hotel and juggle work with the scheduled events the magazine has created for them. Her father died when she was nine; while Esther wants to be a poet, her mother wants her to learn shorthand so that she will have a vocation to fall back on.

She has been dating Buddy Willard, a Yale medical student who bores her and minimizes those things she holds dear: Buddy has asked her to marry him, but she told him she never plans to marry. During this summer, Buddy is in a sanitarium recovering from tuberculosis.

One evening at the beginning of the novel, Esther and Doreen head out in a cab, only half-intending to go to the event scheduled for the contest winners.

They end up in a traffic jam, and are approached by Lenny Shepherd, a local DJ, and his friend Frankie.

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Lenny latches onto Doreen and Frankie makes his excuses and leaves. She eventually walks back to the hotel, leaving Doreen with Lenny. Esther decides on another day that she will ignore several Ladies Day—scheduled functions in order to lounge in bed and later spend time in Central Park.

Esther spends the rest of the morning reading manuscripts at the office, and then catches up with the other contest winners for a banquet. At the banquet, she gorges on caviar, followed by crabmeat salad.

At a movie premier later in the afternoon, she begins feeling ill and catches a cab home with Betsy, another contest winner who is as wholesome as Doreen is audacious. Back at the Amazon, she is deathly ill and learns later that all of the contest winners at the banquet ended up with grave food poisoning from the crabmeat salad.

As she is recovering from the food poisoning, she gets a call from Constantin, a UN simultaneous interpreter who is acquainted with Mrs.

Esther goes out with Constantin to an ethnic restaurant and meets other fascinating people, who by their accomplishments make her feel her own inadequacy. As the internship ends, Esther is feeling more and more disjointed and unable to enjoy her experiences in New York.

During a photo shoot for the magazine, she is unable to hold her artificial smile, and begins weeping openly.

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Her final night in the city, she goes on a date with Marco, a woman-hater who begins the evening by giving her a diamond stickpin, and later assaults her.

He demands she return his diamond, which was in her handbag; the handbag flew out of her hands and landed somewhere in the mud during the assault.

She leaves Marco on his hands and knees in the mud, looking for his diamond. She returns to her hotel room and, one by one, drops her clothes and undergarments out of the window of her room. The next day Esther trades Betsy her bathrobe for a skirt and blouse, and makes the trip home to New England.

Over the next several weeks, Esther is able to do little and slides into depression. She continues to wear the blouse and skirt she bartered for with Betsy and refuses to bathe or wash her hair. She tries to write, but finds she is unable to read, write, or sleep.

An analysis of the sexual freedom in the novel the bell jar by sylvia plath

When she asks the family doctor for more sleeping pills, after having received a prescription the previous week, the doctor refers her to Dr. Gordon, a young, successful man with what appears to be a perfect family.

Gordon, he suggests to her mother that Esther would benefit from elctro-shock therapy. Esther undergoes one treatment, a harrowing, painful experience that leaves her terrified of the procedure.

After several unsuccessful or aborted attempts — slitting wrists, hanging, drowning — she wedges herself into the crawlspace of her house and takes dozens of sleeping pills.

An analysis of the sexual freedom in the novel the bell jar by sylvia plath

She is missing for several days and wakes up in a hospital. Later, she is moved to a state mental hospital.She is repulsed, however, when Joan makes a sexual advance toward her.

As Esther improves, the hospital officials grant her permission to leave the hospital from time to time.

During one of these excursions, she finally loses . Holden Caulfield is Lost in The Catcher in the Rye - In the novel The Catcher in the Rye, the leading character, Holden Caulfield, emerges as an adolescence lost in his own private world of pain and suffering, yet ostensibly he was able to provide himself with all .

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The company is the . Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin The Bell Jar is the story of year-old Esther Greenwood, the breakdown she experiences, and the beginnings of her recovery. The year is and Esther Greenwood, having finished college for the academic year, has won a one-month paid internship at Ladies Day magazine in New York City.

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