Ethics paper business law

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Ethics paper business law

Taking this discussion forward, in the initial section, essay presents the overview of business ethics in management. Further, discussion moves with briefing a wide range of ethical principles considered by business.

Afterwards, next section of the essay covers the ethical dimensions of a business situation and attempts to identify those identifications in detail. Firstly, if business ethics is concerned for the explanation, it is obvious to define what ethics state. Therefore, to understand the concept of ethics in business framework, ethics can be defined as what is right and what is wrong.

Besides, in conceptual framework of business, ethics is the study of good and bad, right and wrong and lawful and unlawful actions of people associated with a business.

Furthermore, when management people talk about business ethics, they generally mean one of the three things: Subsequently, an outline of business ethical principles and moral values has been framed in the next segment.

Therefore, everyone from the top, middle and lower level of an organization is required to take care to meet all these responsibilities. On this front, business ethical responsibilities are the first and foremost to be considered in an organization.

Therefore, to make a right decision on what is right and what is wrong, following major principles of business ethics should be taken into care. First, no favoritism should be made based on caste, color and religion.

For this, the policies and procedures should be fair and transparent. Moreover, an organization can provide the proper provision to the workforce for safety. It is recommended to build strong ethical pillar of a business that employees should take initiative and come forward to report to the management about any genuine or possible violation action or an event that could affect the business and its reputation.

Similarly, acting with integrity is viewed as a natural succession of a business. At this point, an instructor stated that integrity is regarded as one of the most important ethical concepts because it covers up a wide area of ethics.

She also added that those who work with integrity are directed by a set of key principles that makes an impact on their decisions and behaviors South University. Furthermore, some aspects of business ethics can be discussed including the several ethical problems that management must address on a daily basis, such as possible divergences of interest, illegal and unfair use of resources, and mismanagement of contracts, etc.

Basically corruption and fraud starts at micro level in business framework and if it is not controlled it takes a national dimension and then turns into a root for major concern. Though corruption usually starts with one personal, it normally reaches to other member.

It is likely to increase or exist if managers, supervisors and co-workers detect unethical behavior but do not pay attention to it and avoid it on the basis of their perception that it might cause them harm. This fraud can be in terms of financial, fraud by misrepresentation, employee theft and bribery.

Besides, there are legal, psychological dimensions which attack corruption through laws, policies and psychological sanctions. But these dimensions are not only enough as far as corruption is concerned in organizations. The next segment of essay talks about the ethical dimension of corruption in business framework.

In an attempt to identify the moral dimensions, some relativistic aspects come into sight which may be considered.

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Primary dimension from the moral point of view is the secularist mentality. These rules and norms are people made only suggesting fair and just is what they say is right, and unfair is what they say is wrong.

On the other hand, a survey also has been made to recognize the dimensions that may impact ethical decision-making at organization level. The dimensions recognized were that, fair or unfairness, culturally and traditionally acceptability or non-acceptability of it.

In the simplest terms, a fraudulent behavior is any act that violates the prevailing organizational rules. However, it is also considered that fraud or bribery in organization is rated as a very serious matter and as a disturbing factor to ethical values of a business.

In most of the matters, it is seen that an individual attempts to act unethical and unlawful which makes profit for that individual.

Ethics paper business law

Usually, corruption as a bad conduct is quite opposite of ethics which is referred as a good induct. For this reason, any consideration has to start with what moral values exist or are supposed to be prevailed in the organization because such values and their principal beliefs can change in space and time Frederickson, Furthermore, the issue of defining corruption from culturally acceptability or non-acceptability perspective brings the discussion at a point that explains the type of culture existing in business context.

These cultures determine the relativism ethical aspect of corruption in terms of its consideration.This assignment provides you with an opportunity to summarize ethics in financial responsibilities and to evaluate ethical considerations of executive compensation by writing a persuasive essay.

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The law of intellectual property (including copyright, trademark, and right of publicity), government regulation, labor and employment law, financing alternatives, antitrust, and business ethics are . ABA Commission on Ethics 20/ N. Clark Street. Chicago, IL Phone: () This paper describes several issues and approaches that the Working Group has identified such as a law-related business as defined under Rule .

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