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The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications WSQ is a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses and certifies skills and competencies for the workforce.

Generic skills


Principles of Learning for Generic Skills So how is a generic skill learned? Since a generic skill is made up of simpler components primarily procedures and principleswe need to look at how those components are learned.

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You may want to review the appropriate section of the invariant-task, procedure-using, and principle-using modules.

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Generic skills

A generic skill differs from a domain-dependent skill in that it is applied across different content domains and it takes longer to learn. Both of these differences have important influences on how a generic skill is learned. Therefore, it must be integrated with domain-dependent knowledge.

In learning a generic skill like problem solving, the problems must be from at least one particular domain. Therefore, you must decide what domain-dependent content to use for teaching the generic skill at each point in your instructional sequence.

Secondly, if we want the learners to be able to apply it in different content domains, they need to learn to generalize it to different content domains.

Principles of Learning for Generic Skills

This is a whole new kind of variable characteristic, or equivalence class. This has very important implications for the way you would want to design instruction on a generic skill.

Generic skills

The fact that it takes longer to learn means that the order of learning becomes an important issue. Think about how you learned problem solving. You didn't learn how to deal with the most complex cases all at once, did you? You probably started by learning problem-solving techniques that enabled you to solve very simple kinds of problems.

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Rather, you likely started by learning the few discriminations, concepts, and rules you needed to solve the very simplest kinds of problems, and you mastered that level of problem solving before you proceeded to slightly more complex techniques to deal with a slightly more complex kind of problem.

This also has very important implications for the way you would want to organize instruction on a generic skill.In Australia and internationally, generic skills are known by a number of terms including core skills, key skills, essential skills, basic skills and workplace know-how.

generic skills, values and attitudes are set for student to acquire the basic knowledge/concepts needed for an adult world in the eight Key Learning Areas develop the generic skills necessary for independent and life-long learning through the KLAs, General Studies for Primary.

generic skills in the English Language among Malaysian undergraduates. Using purposeful sampling, the samples involved undergraduates and 12 lecturers from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

The samples were treated with . This statistic shows improvable generic skills in the hotel industry in the United Kingdom (UK) in 42 percent of employers surveyed stated that positive attitudes and commitment could use.

generic skills that underpin a range of key competencies in accounting courses.

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In both countries the link between professional standards and education is a direct one. In the Standardsdocument, the introduction to the section ‘ Core Curriculum in Generic Skills Areas’. Coordinate the Generic skills training activities throughout the Bank Identify Training and Development Needs within the Bank through Training Needs Analysis, Performance Appraisals and regular consultation with Branch and Business unit managers.

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