Head girl application letter

Applying for head girl In structuring my response, and pondering on exactly what to say, I found myself asking three questions; What is the role of Head Girl?

Head girl application letter

I would like to apply for the post of Pupil Progress Co-ordinator. I believe I have the necessary skills and would be an asset to your team. This is my eleventh year of teaching. Head girl application letter my time at St james' I was a Form tutor responsible for the pastoral welfare of a group of students that I took through from year 7 to year This has given me a clear insight and understanding of the needs of pupils in the process of transferring from Primary to Secondary school.

Head girl application letter

Working closely with the Heads of Year, I have gained a deeper knowledge of how cultural and social factors can influence both behaviour and learning. I have observed a range of strategies to manage this and have applied them in my work with young people.

Furthermore, working as the second in the RE department has also increased my awareness of pastoral issues in other year groups as pupils have trusted me enough to discuss emotional, behavioural and family issues with me.

My ability to relate to young people in a firm but fair manner has encouraged me to apply for this post.

As second in the department I have supported non-specialist staff and implemented the? I successfully managed the department, during a prolonged absence of my line manager; at that time the department consisted of a staff of fourteen. I was responsible for discipline and behavioural issues, promoting positive attitudes as well as the teaching and learning within the department.

E Mentor I am responsible for the induction of I. This role involves advising and guiding new entrants to the profession not only in the ethos of the school but also working with outside agencies.

I have also been involved in Assessment for Learning training, which led to a coaching programme, which has involved me in participating in a training video for other teachers across the North West. Through this I have gained greater confidence in my own abilities both in the classroom with the pupils and as a support to other colleagues.

Throughout my teaching career I have always felt that it is important to take an active part in all aspects of school life.

To this end I have been involved in ventures such as: This involvement with pupils both in the classroom and in non curricular activities is inherent in what I believe to be the Salesian ethos in helping to develop each young person to be the best that they can be.

In addition I maintain a high profile presence in the corridors and around the building in line with Don Bosco?

As a prospective Pupil Progress Co-ordinator I have worked closely with Heads of Year and gained an insight into the challenges and rewards that this post brings. It would be my aim in working with Year 8 initially to build a successful tutor team. As a team leader I see it as my role to support, encourage and monitor their work, in liaising with the pupils and their parents I would expect to maintain high standards of behaviour and enthusiasm instilled in Year 7 and move them forward to new and exciting challenges.

I would work to engender a positive year spirit where all pupils feel valued and every child matters. I see the role of Pupil progress Co-ordinator as a holistic one which works to develop the academic, emotional and social skills of the young people in my care so they can fulfill their potential and go on to be confident and successful young women.

Over the years I have developed a range of skills and qualities, which would make me a suitable candidate for this position.

I have good organizational and administrative skills. I have good interpersonal relationships with both pupils and colleagues.

How to write a letter applying for head girl position I feel as though something is missing from this letter, and if you could read through it and tell me exactly what that something is as well as any advice you may have to offer, it would be greatly appreciated. I have thought long and hard about the possibility of becoming a representative of our school and I believe that I possess the qualities and drive required to really make a positive impact on my peers should I be given the chance.

With pupils I have a firm but fair approach. I am flexible and will always listen to pupils whilst at the same time continue to maintain high standards of behaviour and discipline. I have the respect of my colleagues. I also have a good working relationship with parents and carers even when there is a difficult issue to be managed.

Similarly I have the respect and trust of my colleagues. Since beginning my career I have always had a strong interest in the pastoral aspects of teaching. My collective experience including my role as second in the RE department has built up many of the skills that I believe to be valuable in this role.

I welcome the new opportunities and challenges offered in the post of Pupil Progress Coordinator and believe that I am now ready to take on the further responsibilities that the role offers.Deputy Head Girl Letter.

Pages: 2 ( words) Published: May 2, I am writing to inform you that I am applying for the position of either Head or Deputy Head girl. The role of a Head Girl is without question one of great importance, playing a critical role, internally and externally; internally, Application for the Head Girl.

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Jun 01,  · help what do i need to put in a letter of application for a head of year post? Discussion in 'Secondary' started by bluetack, Jun 12, Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > You need to tailor your application letter to this, so that you are giving the school the information it's looking for.

Write a letter & I'm sure one of us will have a look for you. Extracts from this document Introduction. I would like to be Head Girl as it would be a privilege to be elected to take the part of a key role in the functioning and representation.

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