Life in a gang

By Michael Ashcraft — Marcus Stanley When gang initiates shot musician Marcus Stanley eight times one night in on a Baltimore street, he feared that IF he lived, his music career was over. He was drawn by the money and extravagant lifestyle. The money, too, that would probably be No. Police suspect the attempted murder was a random case of initiates earning their entrance into a gang.

Life in a gang

A Day in the Life of a Gang Member A small group of gangbangers can wreak a massive amount of mayhem in just a few hours. Young people walked in small groups and gathered at street corners talking and laughing as they waited for an opening in the long lines of cars.

Life in a gang

They walked in the darkness and under the street lights unaware that they were in danger as they made their way home or to the local hamburger stand.

But in the warm fall darkness a blue Chevy Impala stalked the fans like a cold-blooded predatory shark.

Suddenly, a night of fun became a night of terror as multiple muzzle flashes lit the night from the interior of the blue Impala. Streaking sparks marked the bullet strikes as they ricocheted off the streets and sidewalks. The crowd ran in panic in all directions from the sounds of the gun fire. Some victims fell wounded.

But inside the blue Impala the occupants were laughing. They got off a few more rounds and careened away. A Compton Police radio broadcast went out describing the suspect vehicle and its last known direction.

The occupants of the stolen blue Chevy Impala were six juvenile Crip gang members. Laughing and joking with each other, several of them claimed credit for wounding the football fans. They jokingly argued who shot the most and who was the most accurate.

Two other Crips sat in the rear seat with Salty Dog 16 crowded into the right rear seat. Salty was the newest member of the gang and he was not laughing, he was worried.

A small silver Toyota with a few more Crips, which had been following behind them, missed the turn into the gas station driveway, slowed, and was in the process of making a U-turn when the driver saw an L. Illuminated by the flashing patrol car lights and spotlights they turned to look into the barrel of an Ithaca model 37, gauge shotgun.

The six juveniles were arrested and the vehicle impounded. Four freshly fired handguns were found in and around the car along with expended brass identified with the four guns. I was the on-call Operation Safe Streets OSS gang detective, and this gang was one of the most violent gangs in the area.

It was late in the evening when I arrived to interview the six Crips and write the Juvenile Detention Petitions. The suspects gave us six separate confessions.

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The only significant facts they differed in were who actually fired the handguns. Tell me how your morning began.

His mother scolded him and hurried him through a breakfast of cold cereal. She was still yelling at him as he walked out the door. G-Dog had been expelled from school and was scheduled to register in a continuation program, but he never did.

Salty had only met them a week or so ago after he had moved into the neighborhood with his mom. Not all the homies really knew him yet, and some openly displayed hostility toward him.

There was no official rank structure in the Crips, but G-Dog was older and more experienced in the gang life having been arrested several times.

He called himself an Original Gangster OG and held some de facto authority. They shared the joint with Salty as they walked with him toward the school.

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A small group of Crips stood on the corner across the street from the school drinking malt liquor and smoking marijuana.

The crowd greeted the three with jokes and hand slaps. They were now a group of nine or This unity, the booze, and the pot gave them the feeling of bravado.

The gang walked boldly through the Lindberg Elementary School toward the west side of the playground. They had previously established a hang out among some shrubs and trees on the perimeter near the street.Lisa remembers the moment she knew her life had been overtaken by the gang.

Her boyfriend of six months had called and asked her for a favour. Half an hour later she . But behind bars, rival gang members behave a little differently than they do on the outside. In fact, the biggest threat to gang members in jail often comes from within their own gang.


That's what. A Munich court has sentenced the only surviving member of a German neo-Nazi cell behind a string of racist murders to life in prison, ending a five-year trial. Chicago Gangs featured as one of the best websites of Chicago in the February Chicago Magazine "Gangsta Chicago meets virtual Chicago at, the site has grown from a collection of graffiti photographs to include maps delineating gang turf across the city, lists of active gangs, photos of hand signs and tattoos, a chatroom and history on how gangs actually function".

Team Gucci Gang were crowned Splatoon European Champions in Switzerland on Saturday, and viewers can relive the excitement by watching the final on YouTube. Daily gang life is generally not very exciting. Gang members sleep late, sit around the neighborhood, drink and do drugs and possibly go to a meeting place in the evening, such as a pool hall or roller rink.

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