Matsushita electric

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Matsushita electric

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. His father was an affluent landlord in the farming village of Wasa which is a part of Wakayama today.

His father was one of the richest men of his city. Matsushita was born into a well-to-do family but the family became impoverished because his father made some bad investment decisions, primarily in rice speculation. Inthe family's entire fortune was gone and anything of value was sold off.

The family was forced to move to a cramped three bedroom city apartment where conditions were less than sanitary. June Learn how and when to remove this template message Shortly after Matsushita left school, he was sent away to Osaka to become an apprentice for a hibachi store.

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Not even a year into his apprenticeship, Matsushita electric hibachi shop failed and Matsushita was left looking for another source of income. Matsushita applied for a job with the Osaka Electric Light Company, an electrical utility company.

Over the next couple of years, Matsushita's position rose within the company as he was promoted several times. During this time, Matsushita was introduced to one of his sister's friends, Mumeno Iue, and shortly thereafter he married her.

Matsushita was now responsible for a family and this newfound burden was not lost on him. At the age of 22, he was promoted to the position of electrical inspector. It was during this time that Matsushita attempted to introduce his boss to an invention of a new and improved light socket that he had perfected in his spare time.

His boss, however, was not enthusiastic. Without capital, a formal education, or experience in manufacturing, it would appear the company would fail before it even began. He set up his shop in the basement of his tenement.

With his wife, his brother-in-law and several assistants, he began creating several samples of his product. He attempted to peddle the samples to wholesalers but was unsuccessful because he did not offer more than one product. Matsushita's assistants left his company and he was left with only his wife and brother-in-law, Toshio Iuewho proved to be a capable salesman and manager.

Matsushita would have eventually become bankrupt but he was "saved by an unexpected order for a thousand insulator plates for electric fans. They became popular as wholesalers realized the product was better in quality and less expensive than comparable products in the market.

The early years of the company were difficult: He once had to pawn his wife's kimono when he found himself short on money.

During the s, bicycle lamps were candles or oil-burning lamps. They were highly inefficient as they usually only lasted for three hours. He created an oval lamp that used a battery for power and a lightbulb for illumination. He had to personally market his products to retail bicycle shops.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message Matsushita learned a very important lesson in terms of growing a company while he was trying to introduce his bicycle lamp to wholesalers.

He realized that even if he had a product that was superior to anything out in the market it would not matter if he could not sell the product.

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As a result, Matsushita began devising ways to create sales channels for his products by concentrating less on manufacturing and more on building a sales force, which led to a retail store network and finally placed Matsushita's company on the map in Japan's electrical manufacturing and retail industry.Find great deals on eBay for matsushita electric.

Shop with confidence. We will check with Matsushita Electric to see if the part is available, and provide a quotation to you.

Matsushita electric

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Matsushita electric

Tom McNally's page. and Claus-Dieter Urbach's site. Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, Ltd.,, Japanese Matsushita Denki Sangyō Kk, major Japanese manufacturer of electric appliances and consumer electronics products. Headquarters are in Kadoma, near Ōsaka. The company was founded in by Matsushita Konosuke to manufacture and market the.

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