Reflective journal sustainability

These products are often discarded once they have done their job and I believe that as designers we have a responsibility in understanding the impact they are having on our environment. We are living in a world that has come to rely on consuming its natural sources for our convenience, yet we are now developing ways in which our ecological impact can be reduced. As designers we can follow certain steps to lower our excessive waste: Using recycled paper Purchasing vegetable rather than chemical based inks Refilling used ink cartridges instead of buying new ones Being aware of our energy consumption Keeping printing to a minimum Ensuring your design is durable to avoid reproduction However, as communicators we can also help to inform others on the issue of sustainability.

Reflective journal sustainability

Q2 Week 2nd slide The business case for sustainability In your view, what is the most compelling business case for sustainability? Why is this so? Do you agree with this statement? Please justify your answer. Q4 Week 4 slide. Introducing Sustainability As referred to in the given presentation, I learn that the sustainability concept is thoroughly based upon the context that individuals along with their communities comprise of social, economical, and environmental systems which remain in constant interaction and balance in order that the community continues functioning for benefits of the inhabitants.

I agree to the fact that a society is said to be sustainable if it operates in a balanced way based on its strengths and endurance into the future, thereby providing a decent lifestyle to the members Pinnington, The presentation stresses that the concept may be interpreted differently but uniquely it is a developmental approach which aims at balancing competing needs against environmental, economic, and social limitation awareness Reflective journal sustainability a society faces.

I have learnt that living with the Reflective journal sustainability environmental limits has been one of the key principals of sustainable development. One outcome of not abiding by it is climate change. But the focus of sustainability concept encompasses wider zone.

It includes building of strong, potential, and healthy society. This refers to the need to satisfy diverse needs of all individuals in present or future communities, social cohesion, enhancement of personal wellbeing, and developing scopes for equal opportunities.

Reflective Journal: Sustainability

I consider that sustainable development refers to the development which satisfies the necessity of the current community without sacrificing the capability of future generations for meeting own needs. It acknowledges me that sustainability is interpreted as triple bottom line such as economic, environmental, and social Peter and Swilling, I gather knowledge that the way we approach development impacts everyone.

The effects of our decisions as a society give real outcomes for lives of societal people. For instance, ineffective planning of communities may result in reduction the quality of life of societal people.

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The presentation teaches me that in order to maintain sustainability at all the three levels, it is to be bore in mind that this would have a significant impact upon the lives of the communal people. Social sustainability encompasses aspects such as social justice, social capital, social responsibility, ethics, gender equality, cooperation, participation, social cohesion, trust, etc.

The Business Case for Sustainability The slide under this topic reflects upon the corporate sustainability concept. From the given presentation about the given topic, I learn that drivers for business sustainability includes greater visibility of social injustices or environmental damage, increased public awareness of social issues, societal needs for sustainability, governmental legislative mechanisms, and emergence of global mechanism for governance Osbaldiston, I learn that some institutions are intensively dedicated to global sustainability like that of United Nations Environment Program, Center for Sustainable Economy, Institute for Business and Professional Ethics, etc.

Some resistances exist in the path of sustainability like that of skepticism and suspicion of academic researchers. I completely agree that for realizing sustainability, initiatives are to be honed to particular situations of firms in distinct industries.

Sustainability benefits corporate organizations in a number of ways, such as it reduces risks as well as costs, increases legitimacy as well as reputation, stimulates innovation, creates competitive advantage, values, and also promotes financial performances.

Some examples can be given in this regard. Organizations like Ikea, Westpac, and 3M pays greater emphasis on the corporate sustainability. I can reflect the positive impacts of sustainability upon organizations like Forbes, Fortunes, Dow Jones, etc.

I have gained knowledge and thinking about the significant relationship amidst environmental management as well as corporate performance, particularly in relating environmental management enhancements to financial value.

As depicted in the presentation, the extra leverage brought about by active involvement of financial market players has been responsible in shifting the investment world towards alignment of objectives of corporate sustainability. The key elements identified in the process of attaining sustainability are active involvement of CEO, Board and Executive Team, etc.

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The presentation also emphasizes upon the need to inculcate positive culture and effective strategies to bring about assured sustainability in the organizations in the long run.

It is also important to define improved efficiency within the value chain of an organization. Leadership for Sustainability As depicted in the presentation, a leader is an individual who is solely responsible for crafting a definite vision as well as inspires people for achieving desired objectives of an organization against all those challenges arising along the way.

A leader is one who inspires his members as well as supports them towards a better world. From the presentation, I learn that that the key attributes and styles of an effective leader for ensuring sustainability are that the leaders need to be systematic, understanding, and interdisciplinary.

He needs to have emotional intelligence as well as caring attitude Marshall, He needs to have a strong vision for making a difference. I learnt that the transition for sustainable operation is the greatest challenge a business will ever face.“Sustainability” is definitely not a new term or a new concept to me but it is only related to urban development in Hong Kong.

Reflective journal sustainability

After starting this course, I discovered that my horizon needed to . UNESCO – EOLSS SAMPLE CHAPTERS AREA STUDIES - EUROPE (Regional Sustainable Development Review) - Reflection on the Concept of Sustainable Development:Progress in the Slovak Republic - Zita Izakovičová and Július Oszlányi ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) REFLECTION ON THE CONCEPT OF SUSTAINABLE.

Discuss about the Reflective Journal for Sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of an organisation incorporates social, environment and economic value to the core business strategy and operations management. Through the identification of risks attached to the business management, CSR.

Reflective Journal on Sustainability. ASSESSMENT TASK 1: Individual Reflective Journal DUE DATE: End of week 4 MARKS: 20% Assessment Details You are required to reflect on the material presented in weeks , relating to sustainability. A reflective journal is a personal account of an educational experience that offers a variety of benefits, from enhancing your writing skills and helping you retain information to allowing you to express your thoughts on new ideas and theories.

May 20,  · REFLECTIVE JOURNAL- Sustainability As the years have gone on, Sustainability has become more and more a part of our every day lives. There have been a large amount of programmes on how to recycle properly and each household now must contain a different bin for what seems like every different item in the world.

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