Revising your writing again blame the modernists high neck

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Revising your writing again blame the modernists high neck

English c McGraw-Hill, Inc. A house is most Americans' most valuable asset, and lately it has been the best-performing. In some ways, though, it's the least understood component of the average investment portfolio. Financial advice on homeownership consists mainly of real estate agents' truisms: Buy the most house you can afford The housingse market never crashes Houses are better to own than stocks and bonds because they're tangible.

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These sales slogans are a poor substitute for serious analysis of an asset that's critical to your financial future. To evaluate housing as part of your portfolio, set aside your affection for home, sweet home.

Shake off the delusion that the recent leaps and bounds in home prices in many markets are sure to continue. Instead, look at the property you own -- or want to buy -- with the same cold detachment as you would 1, shares of IBM.

Employ basic concepts of investing: Few people are that rational about houses. And when they do toss around investment terminology, it's usually because they have dollar signs in their eyes. A good green-eyeshade analysis of housing might well lead you to the conclusion that house prices in some of the hottest markets -- from New York and Washington to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego -- are dangerously high.

The warning signs are abundant: Prices have climbed much faster than incomes, interest rates appear to be rising from historic lows, and homeownership rates are already at record highs.

But regardless of whether the market you live in is frothy or flat, the purpose of this article is to show how tools of financial analysis developed by economists and top investors can help you make better decisions about the place you call home.

A good starting point is total return. Like the return on a stock, the return on a house has two parts. The dividend from a house is not a check payable to you.

revising your writing again blame the modernists high neck

It's the money you save each year by not having to pay rent to a landlord to live there, minus annual homeowner expenses such as utilities, insurance, and upkeep. From throughhouse prices rose at a compound rate of 5.

For ease of comparison, these calculations assume that both the house and the stocks are bought with cash. In reality most houses are bought with borrowed money. After taxes, housing beat stocks over the period for high-income people whose stock returns were heavily taxed.

There is one important difference between the return on houses and the return on stocks: Although many people have gotten rich recently from housing, nationally, over the whole period, capital gains accounted for just 5. Housing's capital gains look even smaller when inflation is stripped out chart.

From throughthe annual rate of appreciation after inflation for a typical single-family house was just 0. Extending the period through gets you up to only a 1. And even these modest figures overstate the annual capital gains by about half a percentage point because the price increases are partly the result of money spent by homeowners on renovations, according to OFHEO economists.

If history since repeats itself, boomers who aren't already sitting on a pile of housing wealth had better sock away lots of money in their k s, because they won't be able to count much on future gains from rising home prices.

On the other hand, Gen-Xers who are still renting might actually be able to afford a house some day, because prices won't keep growing forever faster than the rate of inflation or the rate of income growth. There's a subtler implication here as well. Many people make big sacrifices to buy the most expensive house they can afford, figuring that the bigger the house, the bigger the gain that it will someday produce.

But that could be a mistake: History suggests that future after-inflation gains for most house sellers are likely to be modest.Again, her refusal to rank kinds of poetic material applies by analogy to kinds of poets as well.

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