Solutions to solving the millennium bug problem

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Solutions to solving the millennium bug problem

Solutions to the Year Problem: If you'd like to discuss anything in here further please email meespecially if you are using Java as part of your year solution!

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This term paper was originally written to complete a course requirement and is part of the Numerical Methods in Java page. I hope that this will serve as a strong reminder to him and others to respect intellectual property, graciously provided free here on the internet.

If you wish to use my paper, please quote, not steal, and provide a simple reference crediting me. Introduction The year problem could have been completely prevented had some early people envisioned the degree to which the microprocessor would change our lives.

Solutions to solving the millennium bug problem

Surely, no one would have thought that in the early days of ENIAC that everything from your alarm clock to your car would be computerized. Even the IT managers of the 80's could not be blamed: The disk space savings from dropping the two digits of the date over Million Records would represent almost Megabytes!

Surely one could have designed a system whereby the program would be aware of the century, regardless of the data records used. Regardless where you address the problem from, the year problem is a huge, expensive and international one.

In many cases it is a problem lined with doubt as to it's effects. This paper will analyze the various aspects to the year problem, classical and software solutions to the problem, and present the author's ideas on how a systematic approach to the "millennium virus" can prevent doomsday from becoming a reality for many information technology managers and their corporations.

There has been much talk about it, and most people know it has something to do with the date formats and how they are processed by the computer. How it is affecting that processing is what the key to implementing a solution is.

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There are several forms the "bug" will metamorphose into.Also, the work of solving the year problem will give enterprises a much better understanding of how much software they own and its business value than has yet been possible.

Chapter -1 Introduction. Gives a detailed introduction to the entire issue of the millennium bug or century rollover. I think I may have just solved a Millennium Problem.

Solutions to solving the millennium bug problem

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As commercial. -- Legal Issues Surrounding the Bug, by Jeff Jinnet "The U.S.

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Department of Defense, for example, plans to solve the problem at a cost of $ billion. " -- Reuters News, April 7 th, Possible Solutions to the Problem The Key Solution: ISO Standard Date Formats The real solution for preventing this is to write software to standards.

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