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The Witch is a Special Infected that can instantly incapacitate, or even kill, a player if she's startled or attacked. She is also the only non-playable Special Infected. Summary The Witch is highly sensitive to light and the close presence of uninfected humans. Shining a flashlight on a Witch or approaching too closely will "startle" her and trigger an attack.

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You should have 2 of each popsicle type 12 altogether. I've used a matte card but if you prefer a shiny finish you can use thick glossy photo paper instead. Use a scalpel and ruler to gently score along the dotted lines.

Before you start cutting out your popsicles, keep in mind that you should be as precise as possible with your cutting as you want all your popsicles to look as identical as possible from the back. Cut out around the straight edges of your popsicles using the scalpel and ruler. To cut out the rounded tops I've actually folded along the dotted lines to close up my popsicle design and then used a pair of scissors to carefully cut out the rounded tops of both sides of the popsicle at the same time.

This way both sides of the popsicle have the same cut line so that no white from the back of the card will be visible on your finished popsicle from either side. Open out your popsicle design again and place the printed side face down on the table.

Get a popsicle stick and attach some double-sided tape to the top part of each side of the stick. Attach to your popsicle. Once again, in the interest of making each popsicle as identical as possible, it is essential that you place the popsicle sticks roughly in the same position for each popsicle so that they are all the same height and there are no obvious differences between them.

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It's also best to choose popsicle sticks without any distinguishable blemishes! Attach double-sided tape to the left tab and also to the top rounded part of your popsicle to avoid a gap at the top. Fold along the scored lines to close up your popsicle and make sure everything is firmly stuck together.

I've stored my popsicles in this cute jar- a local purchase from Daiso. I just couldn't resist the polka dot lid! If you have issues downloading try right-clicking 'Ctrl' and click for the mac on the download button and saving directly to your computer.

For those who can't remember the rules, here's a refresher: The downloadable pdfs in this article and across my entire site are free for personal use only. They are strictly not for commercial use.

If you wish to incorporate any of my designs in your own personal projects, please credit me and include a link to my site. Please do not distribute any of my downloadable files. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page.

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The analyzer log file seems to be fine on the database and plenty of disk space. Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and The Forum: Please note: All letters submitted to The Forum are subject to editing by the publisher at his schwenkreis.comg will be done in regards to length, clarity, grammar, libel and good taste.

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