The history of middle village

The name of this village refers to its position between Williamsburgh and Jamaica on the old turnpike, which connects them. The village is made up very largely of German families, and nearly all the business of the place is transacted in that language. A post-office was established here in the summer of and Christian F.

The history of middle village

Send us an E-Mail Middle Village NY History Middle Village grew up about and received its name because it marked the midpoint for farmers on the long wagon haul between the Brooklyn ferries at the foot of Broadway, and Jamaica. Metropolitan Avenue was laid out in and completed in as a turnpike road with toll gates at each end.

North of the village lay the primeval and impenetrable Juniper Swamp; part of it is now Juniper Valley Park. The coming of the cemeteries to Middle Village changed its character; Lutheran south came inLutheran north about and St.

Nurseries, saloons and hotels grew up in profusion to meet the demands of cemetery visitors. Middle Village was an Anglo-Saxon community down to the Civil War; for a century it remained heavily German; in modern times Yugoslavs and Italians have moved in in substantial numbers.

MIDDLE VILLAGE, Queens - Forgotten New York

There were 32 rooms available on the second floor. For years, funeral parties constituted the bulk of the business, but wedding parties, banquets and family dinners were an important source of income. The Queens BoroughPublic Librarg.

Bentwood chairs and checkered tablecloths were hallmarks of the era. Niederstein collection and Vincent F.


The building survived for years as a store until its demolition on August 15, Photo by Frederick I. On the left is the St. The carriage shed still stands. The trolleys stopped running in June and many of the old wooden buildings have disappeared.Hebrew Institute of Middle Village.

History of Middle Village and the Lutheran Cemetery -

The structure which houses the the Middle Village Adult Center, on 75th Street, harkens back to the early 20th Century.

Today the building serves as a senior center. The top of the building reveals a hidden past. This was once The Hebrew Institute of Middle Village, a rabbinical seminary built in Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village, Queens is rich in natural, historical, and recreational resources.

The park takes its name from the Juniper Valley Swamp, which covered an area of about acres from Caldwell Avenue south to Juniper Valley Road. The History of Middle Village's Trinity Lutheran Church by Joyce Beaudoin Trinity Lutheran Church was formed in in a chapel set on a hill in the Lutheran Cemetery, which .

The history of middle village

Named for its location midway between Williamsburg and Jamaica, Middle Village got its start in as part of the larger Newtown community. It didn't take off until burials were banned in Manhattan, and churches bought farmland in the area for new cemeteries.

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The history of middle village

One of the fastest growing residential community in Queens. Here is a bit of its history. The area was settled around Middle Village is a mainly residential neighborhood in the central section of the borough of Queens, New York City, bounded to the north by the Long Island Expressway, to the east by Woodhaven Boulevard, to the south by Cooper Avenue, and to the west by Mount Olivet New York.

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