The truth of the myth of the lost cause

This heart-wrenching photo has been published with a heart-wrenching story, but if a picture speaks a thousand words, most of the words associated with this photo are false.

The truth of the myth of the lost cause

The truth of the myth of the lost cause

Civil War-Era Cannonballs Unearthed by Hurricane Matthew Just last weekend, groundbreaking began on the site of the museum dedicated to continuing a long-discredited myth about the beginnings of the Civil War: In fact, only a small percentage of the population did.

But, as James W. Likewise, many of the people fighting for the Union were far from paragons of virtue themselves. Looking at the letters written by Confederate leaders and in their declarations of secession from the Union makes it clear that preserving slavery was central to their reasons for trying to split off into their own country in the wake of the election.

There is a bright side to the story of the Lost Cause: Due to errors in the reporting in the original source, we misstated the official name of the museum, its square footage, and its estimated construction cost. Those inaccuracies have since been corrected. In addition, since publishing the story, Mike Landree, the executive director of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, responded to the story, and we asked him a few questions about the museum.

I think any museum is designed to challenge people to learn for themselves, not present a slanted storyline to accept without question. A museum must present facts to visitors, which may even challenge their own beliefs, so that they will want to go do their own research.

The purpose of the museum is to tell the story of the Confederate Soldier, Sailor, and Marine and it will provide facts for everyone to make their own mind up about the war.


We are excited to tell the stories of our ancestors through their own words and deeds. As far as slavery goes, every museum on the war is currently obsessed with the subject.

Slavery is an important subject to study in its total as an American institution, but the politicizing of it to support modern political agendas will not be addressed at our museum. However, we will address it in the context of the political, economic, social, and constitutional atmosphere of the s.

Hamiltonian views of republicanism. The South has maintained a particular position on the war from the very beginning…and it is not the Northern view. The posted excerpt from Mike Landree originally included a paragraph about historian Kevin Levin. Danny is based in Brooklyn, NY.In Freud's theory of "repression" the mind automatically banishes traumatic events from memory to prevent overwhelming anxiety.

Freud further theorized that repressed memories cause "neurosis," which could be cured if the memories were made conscious. While all this is taught in introductory. UNTOLD STORY section - Back to "UNTOLD STORIES" main section.

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It’s Time for the Lost Cause of the South to Get Lost. memorialized the myth of the “Lost Cause.” Their erection was not to memorialize, but to polemicize.

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The Lost Cause of the Confederacy, or simply the Lost Cause, is an ideological movement that describes the Confederate cause as a heroic one against great odds despite its defeat. The ideology endorses the supposed virtues of the antebellum South, viewing the American Civil War as an honorable struggle for the Southern way of life while minimizing or denying the central role of slavery.

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