What major benefits do corporations and investors enjoy because of the existence of organized securi

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What major benefits do corporations and investors enjoy because of the existence of organized securi

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The chairs reserved for the Senators are unoccupied. Entered as second-class mactre at the Manila Post Office on May P18 or P24 for 1. Advertising rates, on request. To Promote the General Welfare" l President Macapagal's State-ofthe-Nation Address pL RESIDENT Macapagal's Address on the State of the Nation, which in printed form runs to 53 pages and which it took him over an hour and a half of fast reading to deliver before a joint session of Congress held on January 28, is far too long to reprint in its entirety in this Journal as was done in the case of a number of such addresses in the past.

It is, however, well worthy of a fairly comprehensive review in these columns as the officially printed address will not be readily available to most Journal readerS.

Fast as the President read it, this still was with emphasis, and long as it was, it did not fail to hold the attention of his hearers; it was vigorously applauded more than twenty times during delivery.

One unfortunate and unprecedented circumstance was the fact that although the senators of the President's own Liberlal Party came to attend the joint session, held as usual in the House Chamber, they were almost immediately called back to the Senate Hall during the course of the continued parliamentary maneuvering, this including a filibuster, to which the Nacionalista senators had resorted to avert a vote on the Senate leadership which, because of the absence in the United States of Senator Almendras during the opening days of the Congress, would have resulted in a change from Nacionalista to Liberal Party control in the Senate.


Consequently, the front-row seats reserved for the members of the Senate remained vacant throughout the President's address and the seat on the rostrum of the Senate President, who traditionally presides over the joint session held for the purpose of hearing the President, was also unoccupied.

This absence of the members of the Senate,-some called it a boycott, was later severely criticized as an act of discourtesy both to the President and the House. On the other hand, the members of the Supreme Court, who some believed might absent themselves because of feeling aroused by criticism of the Court some weeks previously by Secretary of Justice Liwag, although he spoke as a private citizen, were in full attendance.

The President in his opening statement clearly outlined the nature of his address: We stand here again today to render an accounting to the Congress and to the people of what has been done to accomplish these tasks, where the country now stands, and what next is to be done to build the economic and social progress that has become the urgent right of all our people.

The execution of this leap forward, in the magnitude needed for success as [is to be] gleaned from our recommendations, is an imperative national necessity. Not to undertake this push or to attempt it half-heartedly and without the mighty exertion required, would be a crime to the Nation which future generations will surely condemn Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without tremendous effort and sacrifice.

To break the manacles that hold our people chained to misery in order that they may, at last, enjoy a prosperous life, can not be done without supreme energy and self-denial It is not easy to lift our masses out of poverty, but we will do what humanly can be done within the period of our mandate His main headings were together with the number of pages in the printed version devoted to them: Introduction 7 pages V.

Administration of Justice II.

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Moral Regeneration 4 pages III. Economic Growth 26 pages 2 pages VI. National Security 3 pages VII. Recommendations 4 pages IV. The foregoing outline will give the reader some idea of the comprehensiveness of the address and will serve to explain its length.

It is interesting and important to follow the President's thought on all of the numerous matters he brought up, but that can not be done here; a few of the l4igh-tights must suffice.

As to his bringing so mary men throughout the country from the Opposition into his cwn Party, for which he has been much criticized, he said that these men "placed the interest of the people above their partisan interest and joined cause with the Administration in the herculean endeavor to promote a rapid rate of progress for our people Referring to charges of "alleged dictatorial, impatient, and vindictive tendencies" on his part, he denied he harbored them and stated he was impatient only over delays in the adoption of measures to be taken immediately "to enable our impoverished people to have a better life".

This, he said, was more than impatience on his part, it was a passion. The foreign exchange control system was abolished to eliminate this "festering source of venalities"; appointments to important positions were made on the basis of integrity and honesty; government irregularities were searchingly investigated; derelict officials were dismissed; officials were forbidden to enter into any transactions with the President's immediate relatives; high officials made public their assets and liabilities; official cognizance was taken of acts of honesty, the most humble citizens being thus honored.For every investor, a risk requires a return.

The larger the risk, the larger the potential return must be. This is subjective because not every manager views risk the same way. But as a general rule, a financial decision requiring higher risk, must also yield higher returns. Aug 30,  · What major benefits do corporations & investors get because of the existence of organized security exchanges?

financial management. Follow. 2 answers 2.

What major benefits do corporations and investors enjoy because of the existence of organized securi

What major benefits do investors enjoy because of the existence of organized security exchang?Status: Resolved. Organised security exchange Asked Aug 6, , AM — 1 Answer What major benefits do corporation and investor enjoy because of the existence of organised security exchange?

because these corporations are “leaders in their respective businesses[,] improvements they make to the societal infrastructure are also likely to benefit them disproportionately.” Larger corporations have the resources and capacity needed to manage multiple CSR projects simultaneously, enabling them to pursue a broader CSR agenda.

Oct 01,  · What major benefits do corporations and investors enjoy because of the existence of organized security exchanges? Corporations and investors enjoy three main benefits from organized security exchanges.

The first is a continuous market, which leads to continuous security schwenkreis.coms: 5. What Major Benefits Do Corporations And Investors Enjoy Because Of The Existence Of Organized Security Exchanges.

The terms “securities market” in Viet Nam is quite strange to the public while in many countries in the world, it have been developing dynamically. The securities market has its own attraction because of its important role to a national economy and interest for investors.

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