Write about dussehra festival

In most of northern and western India, Dasha-Hara literally, "ten days" is celebrated in honour of Rama. Thousands of drama-dance-music plays based on the Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas Ramlila are performed at outdoor fairs across the land and in temporarily built staging grounds featuring effigies of the demons Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghanada.

Write about dussehra festival

It is celebrated in India with great joy and enthusiasm by the Hindu people all over the country.

write about dussehra festival

It is one of the most important religious festivals in India. This festival is celebrated before Diwali and after Navratri. The nine days of Navratri ends and on the 10th day, the festival of Vijayadashami is celebrated. It falls every year in the month of September or October before twenty days of Diwali festival.

It is a celebration by the Hindu people in the happiness of winning of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. The festival of Dussehra indicates the victory of truth over evil power. The day Lord Rama got the victory by the people from ancient time. During the period they stayed in the forest, the Ravana had kidnapped his wife seta.

So People celebrate this festival with lots of joy and faith. There are various different customs and traditions of celebrating Dussehra festival in various regions of the country. In some part of the country, it is celebrated for whole ten days. There is a play on Ramayana called ram Lila it starts from the first day of Navratri and ends on the tenth day.

People worship the goddess Durga and also god Rama which is continued till ten days. The ram Lila fair indicates the legends behind celebrating the Vijayadashami which is Lord Rama and Ravana.

It shows the whole history of the kidnapping of seta, the victory of Rama and defeat and kills the demon king, Ravana and his son Meghnath and brother Kumbh Karan. The real peoples play the role of all the characters in Ramayana and the statues are made of Ravana, Meghnat, Kumbh Karan.

At the end of Ramayana, they burn all the three statues to show the victory of Rama and killing of Ravana with the sound of fire-crackers. It is the occasion of gathering and makes the festival memorable.

This day people make special dishes in their home and go out to watch the ram Lila fair. Visit at a relatives house and also welcome the relatives in their house.

Devotees Worship lord Rama and take his blessings for happy and prosperous life. And the elders give them blessings. Dussehra is also celebrated in various schools and learning centres too.

The festival symbolizes victory, determination, will-power, faith and unity. I love helping people and providing free education.Dussehra is the festival of Kshattriyas.

But all Hindus observe this festival with great joy. Dussehra comes in the Hindi month of Kuwar. It is said that in olden days, the kings and rulers marched out of their kingdoms to con­quer new areas on this very day after the rainy season.

It is also said [ ]. Pictures of dussehra festival essay; my favourite country is sri lanka essay dissertation writing timetable good country people essay critiques naval academy summer seminar essay writer ap lang essays spike poetry fiction and the future virginia woolf . Vijayadashami (IAST: Vijayadaśamī, pronounced [ʋɪʝəjəðəʃmɪ]]) also known as Dasahara, Dusshera, Dasara, Dussehra or Dashain is a major Hindu festival celebrated at the end of Navratri every year.

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi, is a major Indian festival celebrated on the tenth day of Ashvin month according to the Hindu calendar.

write about dussehra festival

This day falls in the month of September or October. The day culminates a 9 day fasting period of Navratri in the Hindu culture. Essay on dussehra festival in sanskrit language General 0 Literacy reflection essay for english supernatural in hamlet essay dahej pratha in english essays essay writing help sheet minecraft meursault character essays.

Vijayadasami reveres either Durga's or Rama's victory over evil depending on the region. also known as Dasara, Dusshera or Dussehra is a major Hindu festival celebrated at the end of Navratri every year.

It is observed on the tenth day in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin, Vijaya Dasami is observed as Bijoya Dashomi, immediately after Observed by: Hindus.

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