Write about yourself ideas for elf

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Write about yourself ideas for elf

We went camping last weekend. We had a leisurely morning.


It was warm, quiet, pleasant, calm. We started to make breakfast and I swear the minute that bacon hit the frying pan, every bee in North Idaho was congregated around our camp stove. Because of this irritation, I decided to go on a quest to find out how to at least minimize my close relationship with bees, and find ways to enjoy outdoor eating in the future without having to wear full body armour.

Unlike mosquitoes, bees are not attracted to the smell of humans. Bees are attracted to color and smells in their environment. We start flinging food and waving our arms around which either scares them or pisses them off and they react.

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Bees are looking for flowers to pollinate. So if you smell like one, you may end up with some hairy, big-eyed insect trying to suck up some of your nectar. Once wasps discover food, they will continue to hunt around that location long after the source has been removed, which means if they find your food right when you set it out, they and ALL their friendsmay be with you through your entire party.

If you do see a nest of bees nearby, or notice bees flying to and from a particular area, choose another location. Observe the area around your chosen spot to check for bees before you start to load in. Bees like tall grass for ground nests and quiet places such as unused play structures and sheds for hives.

Combine 1 cup sugar with 1 cup vinegar, stir, then pour the mixture into the bottle. Fill the bottle up with water to 2 inches below the neck. Tie a piece of string around the neck and hang it from a nearby tree branch. Moth balls are another effective repellent for bees.

Cut the feet off of a few pairs of pantyhose and fill them with moth balls. Tie the pantyhose off and hang them around your picnic area.

The pungent odor will discourage bees and also keep other insects away.

write about yourself ideas for elf

Bees are very territorial and by nature will attack anything that comes near their hives. Bees typically will avoid enemy hives, or what they think are enemy hives in fear of being attacked. Trick them by making fake hives. Blow up a few brown paper bags and tie them off. Hang them around your picnic area.

Set out a bowl or cup with some flat soda, fruit juice, maple syrup, or sugar water a few yards away from your picnic. Bees are attracted to the sugary scent and will pursue this instead of your lunch.

If possible, set out the bee bait 20 minutes or so before you begin your picnic. It may not get rid of all of them, but it will distract most of them. It will keep the bees from being attracted to your food, and give you a safe environment to enjoy your day.

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Use a pot of marigolds as a centerpiece on your table. They find the scent unpleasant. Prepping the Eating Area Set up the food table away from where everyone will be gathered. Bring some mint leaves with you and sprinkle them around your eating area.

This plant will help to mask the sweet smell of your food so the bees will possibly completely ignore you and your feast.The Kindness Elves: A New Christmas Tradition. The Elf on the Shelf Tradition is extremely popular these days, but some people find this type of elf “magic” is a bit off-putting or even creepy.

Introductory Christmas Elf letter for a girl Elf Dear {child’s name} This is a special letter to let you know that an important member of my North Pole SAS Team (that’s Santa’s Annual Surveillance team, just in case you didn’t know), is visiting your house this year.

25 creative writing prompts to inspire and motivate you. Don’t you just hate writer’s block? Some say it’s a disease that only creative workers succumb to. Write about a tattoo you have and its significance, a tattoo you would like to get or why you would never, ever get a tattoo.

Tell a story that has to do with your hair, or . How to Start Writing a Book about Your Life. Save The only thing to learn is how to write a life story about yourself.

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If you think about it, most of us are already sharing our personal stories nowadays. It doesn’t have to be too specific. Just list the most important events you’re going to write about and note down few ideas.

write about yourself ideas for elf

When. The elf then "returns to the North Pole" until the next Christmas season. Every night, the elf is said to change positions. Here are some funny and creative ideas for your Elf on the Shelf to hide.

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